This coming Friday, March 21st, is World Down Syndrome Day; a day quite significant in our household for obvious reasons.  As parents of a child with Down syndrome, it is important for us to recognize the opportunities this group of people has, and be an encouraging source of information and support to those who may be just beginning their journey.

With that in mind, I was VERY excited to see that Sevenly, a company with interest in people and the power of product influence, has teamed up with an organization vested in Down syndrome this week!  Each week, Sevenly joins with a different charity in order to raise awareness for them.  For each item purchased on Sevenly, they will donate $7 to the week’s cause.  This week’s cause just so happens to be the International Down Syndrome Coalition; an organization that offers support to those caring for individuals with Down syndrome, directs caregivers to groups in their area supporting those with Down syndrome, and guides to appropriate resources parents who want to make an adoption plan for their child with Down syndrome.


More Than Blood Boyfriend V NeckAdopt Flowy Racerback Tank


This is merchandise unique for an amazing mission!


There are MANY other items offered on Sevenly currently, most of which are not Down syndrome specific.  As you can see, the shirts above would be appropriate for anyone with ties to adoption.  Other items include clothing for all ages, artwork, jewelry, and MORE!  Items that are on their web-site presently will be available this week ONLY!  New items are offered weekly and are distinct for whichever charity is featured.

If you are able, please check Sevenly out this week to support a cause very close to our hearts!

**No compensation is given for my recommendation!

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