I’ve had this project in the works for a while now…like since this past fall. As usual, my endeavours were taking up a little too much space in the garage (and we needed more room for a separate project), so I decided to get this piece cleaned up and ready for use!

Do any of you remember seeing this picture on one of my social media sites??


It was at the end of somebody’s driveway with a BIG free sign next to it…SCORE!

I FINALLY have it complete!


It is now residing in Baby #2’s room! She picked out the purple color herself!

Refinishing a piece of furniture is not rocket science, however it will take time and patience…and maybe some fix-it work from your husband (one of these days he may trust me with his power tools)! On this piece in particularly, the drawers needed a little TLC.  Luckily, my husband was able to adjust them in a short amount of time.

As far as the finish work goes, the following are MY steps to completing a refurbishment! I am not sure if MY WAY is the BEST way or even the recommended way to refinish a piece of furniture. The directions I will describe are a combination of what I have learned from family members over the years and also from my own personal experiences.  Please take note of all the SANDING if you would like the paint to last…

1.  There are two keys to a perfect finish.  The first is to fill in any holes or divots with your choice of wood filler. The second is to SAND THOROUGHLY! After filling in any dents or holes and letting the filler dry as directed, I started to sand this piece with a coarse grit sandpaper (like 3M brand 60, for example).

wood fillerDSC_0065


Please note that you want to sand well enough so that either the original paint is removed or it is very well scuffed. This dresser was a little tricky to refinish as some parts of it were not solid wood and had warped some.

2.  After sanding thoroughly, I wiped off the sanding dust and put on the first coat of paint. Some DIY’ers choose to use a primer as their first painting step, however, I usually just sand VERY well and use MANY coats of paint instead.  By mistake, the paint that I purchased this time had primer in it, though any brand of latex paint-with or without primer-will do in my opinion.


3.  Once the first coat of paint is dry, I sanded AGAIN! I chose to use a coarse grit paper here once more, however, it is unnecessary to sand so well that you remove your first coat of paint.

4.  AGAIN, I wiped off the sanding dust and painted another coat. Between paint coats now, I sanded with fine grit sandpaper.  And repeated.  I did four to five coats of paint on this dresser and sanded in between each. You will notice the coverage of your paint increasing with each coat. Once it is to your liking, sand lightly once more to prep your surface for the clear coats.

5.  Choose a clear coat to seal, protect, and improve the paint’s finish. I picked a satin finish for this dresser.  Using as directed, I sprayed four total coats of clear polyurethane.  Before I sprayed the fourth coating, I lightly sanded AGAIN for extra surface smoothness.


6.  I lined the drawers with some wall paper I purchased at a garage sale a while back.


7.  To save on cost, I also kept the original drawer knobs (they are metal), and purchased a can of spray paint to freshen them up a bit. Eventually, I may decide to add glass hardware; however I am happy with the outcome of these for now.

spray paint

This project was somewhat time-comsuming, but was EASY, and almost anyone could do it with a little effort!  If you are a beginner, try refinishing a smaller piece first!

In case you are interested, I have detailed the cost of the refurbishment below:

  • Dresser: FREE!
  • Paint: $19.97 (-$4 rebate!!) x 1 Gallon (which I also plan to use for another project) = $15.97
  • Wood Filler:  I already had.
  • Sandpaper: I already had.
  • Polyurethane Finish: $5.97 x 3 cans = $17.91
  • Spray paint: $3.27 x 1 can = $3.27
  • Baby #2’s reaction to the finished product: PRICELESS!

TOTAL: $37.15 (plus tax)

The final outcome!



Thank you for your interest in my project! ❤





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