And so it’s yet another night writing alongside my hard-working husband…You may be getting sick of me, but I am kind of enjoying my time at the computer lately.  🙂  I’ve had this little piece saved for quite a while now (since before our latest move), and thought I should finally finish it once and for all! Let’s talk dishes!

Dishes are something I am just NOT into. I mean, I LOVE how they look when OTHER people use their fancy printed ones alongside their beautifully coordinated place settings; they’re just not for me. For one, I can never decide on a print OR a color.  I just can’t commit to a look I may be stuck with for quite a few years.

Plus, they chip.  Like right away.  Pretty sure I have chipped some coming straight out of the NEW box.  And if you are like our family, you will break some…or many…and you’ll end up with a couple mismatched sets in your cabinet.  And this takes up A LOT of space.

I’ve been kind of sick of my chipped dishes for a while. For the longest time we were using a set my parents purchased for us at an auction. When they chipped, my husband bought me a red set for my birthday. They looked really nice until we actually started using them. Needless to say, they’ve been chipped forever; I just haven’t had the desire to spend money on new ones doomed to the ill fate of <gasp> daily usage.


That was until I came across Clean Planetware


Clean Planetware offers stainless steel dishes and storage containers made from high grade steel that is BPA, toxin, lead, and lining free; these are things that may be concerning to parents of young children, those inclined to live more simply, and those troubled by the health detriments associated with the use of these items.   Personally, I share in these concerns. I also particularly like that I am not only able to utilize the dishes for daily use, but that they are also versatile enough for our stove or toaster oven. (We rarely use our microwave, but if you do, DO NOT put them in the microwave!  You could possibly start a fire!  The dishes ARE dishwasher safe, however.)



Additionally, since stainless steel does not break or rust, these are promised to last a lifetime.  No more chipped or broken plates or cups at this house (or in the trash)…and the BEST and most surprising aspect of our switch, you may ask?? These dishes take up considerably less space in our cabinet.

Before…a cramped cabinet.


After…a cabinet with much more room.  I even moved items from other spaces into this same spot!


AND, I will NEVER have to buy dishes AGAIN!

The downfalls…

  • These dishes tend to get really hot, really fast, so we wait for food to cool slightly before serving it on these plates to our kids.
  • My husband says that he feels like he is eating in prison now.  But that feeling will wear off…Right?!  Because my food has got to be WAAAYY better than that!


**I received no compensation for this product’s review.**

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