It’s possible you’ve noticed a little campaign using the hashtags #IMREADY and #15in2015 spreading over social media this past holiday season, but do you know what the hashtags are about?

After a little girl with Down syndrome was featured in a Target ad this past December, parents all over the world noticed.  Some, including Changing the Face of Beauty, have created the campaign #IMREADY and #15in2015 in order to encourage at least 15 retailers to feature ALL customers in their advertising, including those with differing abilities.

If you would like to support this campaign by sharing a photo of your child, please visit Changing the Face of Beauty‘s facebook page to join the movement. Feel free to post a photo (please get permission if this is not your child or personal photography), and call out a retailer of your choice requesting more inclusive advertisement while embodying the hashtags #IMREADY and #15in2015 in your post.  FIVE companies (Infantino, Livie and Luca, Andy and Evan, Matilda Jane Clothing, and Teryelle Girls) have already noticed and have been influenced by this campaign enough that they have decided to integrate models with differing abilities in 2015!

Our Little, Baby #4, is also ready!

#IMREADY #15in2015



Are you?

Please feel free to share this post! Together we can inclusively broaden the face of BEAUTY!

Click here to see others READY for change and acceptance!  You might notice a familiar face!  🙂

Thank you for your support!

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