If you know me even a little, you know I am about as thrifty (and borderline cheap) as they come.  I also enjoy a good trend (home or otherwise), fashion, and I am possibly overly into perfecting everything.  (At least I can admit my faults!)  Because of these flaws and obsessions, and because we are a typical family with one income, I have had to find unique ways to fulfill my fetishes and non-necessities without breaking the bank.

To do this, I have learned to cut corners and scrimp on certain things.  Greeting cards are an example of this. Personally, I think cards are over-priced and wasteful.  I am not a card saver.  I am hardly a saver of anything.  Eventually, almost every card we get goes straight into the trash.  **Just to clarify, by saying “wasteful” here, I am referring to the fact that most cards will be thrown away, NOT that the thought of sending a card is a waste…**

I’ve found, though, that others like to receive cards and cherish them.  For these people, I certainly choose to buy a nice card on special occasions.

I also like to send small packages and notes during different times of the year to young family members living far away.  For these Littles, I have found that recycled cards are a cute addition to their package of fun.

To reuse received cards, I simply keep certain cards that were sent to us in past years. I like to save cards that have no writing on the front or back of the card’s cover.  These types of cards are typically neutral cards and can be used for almost anyone (depending on the holiday). I tear off the front of the card (where the picture is found), and throw the back side (where the signature is found) away.

Front of the card:  KEEP!

When preparing the gift, I write a note on the back of the piece of the card that was saved (the front cover).


And add it to the gift! I am mailing this parcel, but you could also insert the repurposed card into a gift bag or tape it to the top of a present.


That is it!  Easy!


Because you know those Valentine’s Day cards will probably soon be headed right for the garbage!  (Unless you are reusing them like me!)

Happy thrifting!

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