As many of you know, I recently signed up to be an independent distributor for Young Living, an essential oils company.  After using essential oils for some time now, I value their capabilities to naturally enhance overall wellness in both the body and the home.

When I started incorporating essential oils into our lives a while back, I used them primarily in our home for cleaning or freshening.  It was around the same time that a friend of mine posted her recipe for homemade laundry detergent that I started looking into alternatives for softener or dryer sheets.

Finding an alternative to softener was easy…vinegar is amazing!  It literally takes the smell out of almost anything, and if you do not miss the smell of fresh laundry or are overly sensitive to smells, then it is the perfect alternative for you!

I MISSED the smell of fresh laundry, however!  I liked how the basement smelled like clean clothes when I was doing laundry, and I also missed the hint of smell that a freshly washed shirt had when I grabbed one in the morning.  It smelled clean and clean is important to me!

Using essential oils in the laundry should almost be a no-brainer.  It takes very few drops to make a difference, and the smells are a safe and nontoxic alternative to using store bought dryer sheets.  Dryer sheets (along with many laundry detergents) may contain synthetic chemicals like benzyl acetate, alpha-terpineol, and phosphoric acid, among others. They are also usually chalked full of synthetic, toxic fragrances which companies typically do not have have to disclose as ingredients.  A comprehensive article regarding the dangers of household cleaners and detergents can be found here.

Since beginning the journey into essential oils, I have read many different opinions as to other’s favorite uses in their laundry routine.  Here are the most popular ways I’ve found to use them with regards to the laundry, and also my opinion of each method.

1.  Add a few drops of oil to a relatively unscented detergent and wash as normal.  Personally, I didn’t notice much scent on my clothing after drying was complete.  It is possible that using more drops of oil may increase the amount of scent found on the clothing, however being the cheap person that I am, I didn’t feel this would be very economical.

2.  Add a few of drops of oil to the vinegar rinse (if you choose to use it a softener).  As with adding the oil to the detergent, I didn’t notice much smell coming off of my laundry after it had dried.  Again, if you choose to add more than three or so drops, maybe you would have a different result.  For me, adding more than three drops of scent does not make much sense budget-wise.

3.  Cut up an old white t-shirt and use the cloth as a softener sheet.  Add a few drops of oil to the cloth.  I found this to be the best way to lightly scent your laundry.  I am able to control the amount of scent I use better, depending on the size of my load.  I will tell you that the scent on the fabrics after drying is still not overwhelming like the standard store-bought softener.  It is a very light, but noticeable, scent.  I’ve also read dryer balls are used similarly!


Here, we use lavender essential oil as it is well-known for its calming effects, but almost any scent could be appropriate to use!

The following is a list of additional scents (or a combination thereof) that may work well for you in the laundry:







As an enthusiastic mom and homemaker, I have found essential oils to be precisely essential in many aspects of our daily routines!  Try one in your laundry today!

If you think you would like to try an essential oil for yourself, please start here.  This will take you directly to my personal site.  From there, you will have the opportunity to learn more about Young Living (one of the most trusted essential oil companies), view their essential oils and prices, and sign up!  If you choose to sign up, please click Become A Member on the bottom of the screen.  As a Young Living member, you will receive a 24% discount!  

Please contact me if you have questions about Young Living, the sign-up procedure, and/or general questions about essential oils!

To Your Health!

Disclaimer!  The information (and products offered) in this post are not meant to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease, but is only what I, a Young Living distributor, have chosen to do to take charge of my family’s personal health.  My statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Please seek medical attention before using these products if you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition, or if you are on any medications.

Please use the information provided on this page in conjunction with your own research and health care provider’s advice.  This information is meant for educational purposes only, not to determine your specific health care plan.

*I may receive compensation through purchases made from the Young Living link!

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