Note:  After viewing so many baseball themed party ideas, I realize that the following may not be enough party for some of you, however it is actually a fancier, more thought-out party for us.  You see, we aren’t the money-spending, flashy, or fun party planners usually.  A typical party normally consists of outside play, cake, a few activities, an occasional sleepover, and adult conversation and beverages.

Emphasis on the adult conversation and beverages. 😉

But after Baby #1 had NOT ONE show up to his last year’s birthday party (we had moved half-way across the country just a couple weeks prior to his celebration), I decided that we had to do something to make-up for its BIG flop.

**WARNING!!  Highlight reel starting NOW!**  You were forewarned…our parties are definitely NOT always this well planned!

Both Baby #1 and Baby #3 LOVE baseball, so since we were combining their parties this year, we decided that it would be a perfect (and relatively inexpensive) theme.

Welcome to training camp!


At training camp, you will find things typical to baseball – including uniforms!

DSC_0165DSC_0171DSC_0174An acquaintance of mine made these shirts for the boys!  She has so many cute and quality designs!  I love how she added the baseball numbers on the back!  The jersey’s number is also their age!  You can find more of her work or place a special order here.

There was a lot of PRACTICE!

After scouring Pinterest for the most fun and active baseball party games, we settled on a painted baseball field,


water balloon hitting practice,





and stacking cup pitching practice!


Baseball camp wouldn’t be complete without a concession stand




and hot dogs!


Of course we had a generic cake, too! All of which they ate while watching parts of The Sandlot movie!

The small details!

The invitations…


TIP:  If you place the paper plate up-side down and write on the bottom, there is actually an illusion that the “ball” is round.  Print out your party’s details and paste them in the middle.  Use a red permanent marker for the ball’s string.  The invitations turned out WAY cuter than they appear from my picture!  Even better, 220 individual plates cost me less than $3!  These were really cheap invitations, and the guests were able to use the remainder of the plates for their food!

The bathroom….


Our thanks!

Friends parted with bags filled with a punching balloon, Big League gum, and sunflower seeds!


Despite my former lack of details with regards to birthday parties, I am totally glad that we made a big effort this year!  It turned out perfectly and was super fun!

Just maybe I’ll make a habit of birthday party planning! 😉

6 thoughts on “Party Hardy!

  1. Loved the baseball themed birthday party!!! So cute! I bet everyone had a blast! Jakes birthday is coming up here and I am planning a fireball whiskey party…might not be as cute as yours but it sure will be fun! 😜🍻

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