I am as human as can be
It is your fault you do not see

When you look, what do you find
What is behind this face of mine

Yes, it is true
I do not look like you
But you don’t look like me
Do you see the hypocrisy

I’m just a tiny baby wee
More like you than you may see
My smile, hair, skin, and eyes
Will you even recognize

I can run and jump and play
Did you do these things today
And if you did, were you the best
Better than all the rest

If you weren’t, than why should I
Be better than the other guy
There are things that I can do
Some better than you

I know I smile more
Give bigger hugs
Just like you
I need some love

My speech is different than yours
Louder and emotionally charged
Because for some reason you cannot hear
You avoid or stare or point or jeer

You look down on me,
I know it’s true
The Culture says I’m not like you

My heart’s not human
I don’t bleed red
So many people want me dead

To live a life that is my own
Even among those who may disown
Is that not what we all deserve
If only you will have the courage

So open your eyes and you may find
The me that you do not define

I’m not some empty body here
I give care and life and cheer

I could have so much love for you
If only you would see me too

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

Abortion rates among children with Down syndrome identified in utero in the US varies. A systemic review indicates “a mean termination rate of 67% among population-based studies, 85% among hospital-based studies, and 50% among anomaly-based studies”. Numbers are even more staggering in other parts of the world. Denmark, for example, reported only 4 children with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome born in 2016.


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