Almost 9 years ago, our family led a life mostly inconsistent with ours today. It felt good to live in the ignorant bliss that we did, until by force we were led to reexamine our health-related choices and change them. These changes would ultimately reshape how we approach every aspect of our lives.

Health is a precious thing. When someone’s health is disrupted, it directly impacts every single person in the family. When there is no support or answer designating the problem from the medical community, it can inspire families to take charge of themselves, their health, and their wellbeing.

We went to the doctor’s office quite often when my older children were younger. Usually there was no explanation for their ailment, but it was common that an antibiotic, steroid, or Tylenol would be the remedy. As someone trained within conventional health establishments, this was satisfactory to me for a while, however eventually it only angered me that there was no outside thought, few tests administered, and a whole lot of let’s-try-this-med-and-see mentality. Frequently, I was talked down to, and my well thought-out reasons behind the illness/condition were dismissed. Declining treatments was supposedly unheard of.

You may be rolling your eyes right now, and if so, I pray you don’t have to decipher a health condition in your near future. I warn you that if you or your child has symptoms but no corroborating lab work, you will be denied of your plight. Within my small circle, I’ve seen this pattern over and over again, particularly among women, children, and the elderly.

Feel free to disagree, however. I will not deny that conventional medical care is needed in some instances (I’ve used it!). In other circumstances, it is a drain on financial resources and often does not get to the root cause of a menacing problem.

I could go on and on regarding the contrary and dangerous information given to my family in the years prior to my awakening, but my suspicions were ever confirmed when one of my children became a completely different person following mistake after mistake within allopathic care.

After a few years of adhering to a conventional doctor’s advice for my child’s medical care, I quickly was provoked AGAIN as to the cycle of mismanaged health recommendations after my child developed what appeared to be the symptoms of an autoimmune disease. Several tests were done – none of which came back as anything but a normal, healthy, functioning kid.

For YEARS we had struggled with debilitating eczema, the first sign of an immunity issue. Our concern was brushed off as a “childhood problem“. We were given a steroid.

Then my child became more aloof, avoided play; and was extremely fatigued. Body pains and stomach pains came in waves. Soon the large neck I had questioned years ago, and that was explained to me as “baby fat“, became chronically swollen lymphnodes and an enlarged thyroid with nodules.

The dialogue that could have initially started between the doctor and we as a conversation about eczema and immunity and the options to support it, now became something we had to “monitor“. We were recommended we see a specialist.

At this point as a mother, I had to come to terms with my culminating failures, accept them, and start over.

So start over we did.

We ditched our pediatrician for everything except the yearly physicals, an emergency, or if a diagnostic test or surgery is needed. We hired, YES HIRED (you, doctor, work for me), a functional medicine doctor to decode the issue and the multiple food intolerances plaguing my child. We see a chiropractor regularly. We buy organic and local food as available, eat processed foods minimally (we are human), and cook a lot at home adhering to a strict allergen-free diet low in sugar. I send lunches with all my children to school. We use supplements, homeopathy, and essential oils to support our immunity and bodily functions. We try to get enough sleep. We encourage physical activities and outdoor play. We buy toxin free beauty and cleaning products. I research, and read, and research some more…

What has this done for my sick child?

My child now has NO nodules nor a swollen thyroid or lymphnodes.

She or He is able to think and play freely without stomach or body pains.

We are done with our follow-ups for “monitoring“.

It is hard to make changes, especially when they go against everything you’ve been taught as a child, and possibly by your educational background. It is awful to realize that the choices you thought were good fits for your family are the cause of your child’s issues. It is a horrible feeling to be uneducated and out of control in your situation. Sometimes it is difficult to wake up, and is easier to live in the detriment of your own self.

I believe it was Einstein who said that, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert FREAKING Einstein said that, not me! Your health practices would fit in this category too.

Take it from us, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can help your family too. Do you need resources different from your local clinic’s doctor? Depending on your symptoms, try:

  • a functional medical doctor
  • an herbalist or homeopath
  • an acupuncturist
  • a muscle response practitioner
  • a biomedical doctor
  • a chiropractor
  • a naturopath

…and the list goes on. We’ve consulted most of these ⬆️⬆️⬆️ for one thing or another! There are literally so many options for change if you are open to it.

Our health is important. Our children’s health is important.

You, my Dear, are not crazy.

Your intuition is not wrong, but your approach just may be. Find someone who treats you and your family as perfectly unique individuals.

I’m happy to help you with diet questions (I’m an Awakened Dietitian!), or I can give you guidance to a resource/recommendation to start again.

For Health,

❤ Jess

For a CRUNCHY definition, click here.

Disclaimer! The information (and products offered) in this post are not meant to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease, but is only what I, a Young Living distributor, have chosen to do to take charge of my family’s personal health. My statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please seek medical attention before using these products if you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition, or if you are on any medications.
Please use the information provided on this page in conjunction with your own research and health care provider’s advice. This information is meant for educational purposes only, not to determine your specific health care plan.
*I may receive compensation through purchases made from the Young Living link!


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