Are you new to Young Living this year? Do you LOVE the oils, but HATE the lingo?

Have no fear, I’m here to give you the low-down on Young Living’s most common terms all in ONE spot!

Let’s GO!


EDOR stands for Essential Oil Desk Reference! If you signed up under ME, you will receive this item after you purchase your FIRST Starter Kit – also known as the Premium Starter Kit (PSK)!


I know you’ve heard about PV and FREE product, but how does this actually work??

PV is your PERSONAL VOLUME. It is the sum of your personal orders, plus any orders made by your customers (not to be confused with Distributors signed up under you).

Each product has a set amount of PV. Essential oils have a PV reward equal to the cost of the product. Other items like diffusers, etc. are listed with a different PV amount. You can find your PV accrued amount within your Virtual Office (VO).

Young Living offers product bonuses for PV amounts ordered monthly. Each month’s bonuses are different. If you are unsure of the PV qualifications for the month, contact ME!

You may also use acquired PV points on any Quick Order!

Quick Order

Also found in your Virtual Office (VO), a Quick Order is an order you may place at any time! Each Quick Order will give you PV points to be used at a time of your choosing!


ER stands for Essential Rewards. Essential Rewards is a monthly autoship program you can sign up for through Young Living which qualifies you for free product! If you are making regular orders, but are not using Essential Rewards, you are NOT accumulating the additional program benefits!



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